Advantages and attributes of Turn Key Project of assembling Buses series in Local

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Dear Sir     We will help our cooperator to set up Auto assemble plant and put it into production. we will help you assemble Auto in your country.We may supply train, technology and engineer to help set us assemble plant.we may supply other Turn Key Project such as Assemble mini Car,Mini truck,Pickup;SUV,Mini Moke CNG buses.....
In practice,we have already establishd many automobile assembly factories many country,such as bus assembling factory,pickup,SUV factory,mini truck factory and car assemble factory in Middle East,africa and south America.
The core competitiveness of Turn Key Project: Easy entry of commencing the project;Low amount of investment and high profit return rate; Short capital pay-off time.Systemic solution and long-term assistance from the our factory 
Self-accumulation and durative capital and technology upgrading
Our Turn Key Project will help trade importers to change from traditional trade into manufacturer and assemble auto,importers can save import duty by importing CKD automobile parts from us, freight cost and tariffs can be saved greatly,so,it is a ideal start for entering the automobile business.
Three characteristics of the Turn Key Project: 
1.low investment,high mercantile rate of return & short investment recovery period:
2. Tailoring measures to suit local conditions:
3. Good compatibility and expansibility, and all these assistances will be based on the contract.Please you look bus CD: 
City buses series (Length: 6.5 -12M diesel/gasoline/CNG buse series by CKD term; Road buses(village bus)series ;long distance coach series; sight seeing bus series;The cooperator who want to carry out this project must satisfy following necessary conditions:
1. The cooperator must have good relation with Government, so that he can take assemble licence  and good policy from government.
2. The cooperator must have necessary starting fund to purchase assemble line and equipment.
3. It is better that the cooperator has a workshop for 2500-3000 square menters,
Way : Operate buses turnkey project way: from CBU to SKD and to CKD term;
The Turn Key Project is the most ideal way for you to choose for starting an automobile manufacturing business, it requires much less investment, and it will always follow the actual market needs, and it is well assisted by us technologically, you can change the market strategies and make them suitable to the real needs. If you are interested in cooperating with us and do the Turn Key Project in your country, please contact us for futher communication, we wish you a great business!
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