Re: PHP require a plna url

From: Jiří Němec <konference (zavinac)>
Date: 01. 07. 2004, 11:12 CEST
1. července 2004, Peter Krajčo napsal(a):

PK> vsetko bezi ako ma!!!!!???????
PK> Ako to mam urobit aby sa dali pouzivat plne adresy URL? Aby
PK> admin modul bezal na mojom serveri a ostatne u kienta.

Nevkládej soubor přes HTTP ale cestou v rámci FS. Tedy např.:


Něco je taky v manuálu:

If "URL fopen wrappers" are enabled in PHP (which they are in the
default configuration), you can specify the file to be included using
an URL (via HTTP or other supported wrapper - see Appendix I for a
list of protocols) instead of a local pathname. If the target server
interprets the target file as PHP code, variables may be passed to the
included file using an URL request string as used with HTTP GET. This
is not strictly speaking the same thing as including the file and
having it inherit the parent file's variable scope; the script is
actually being run on the remote server and the result is then being
included into the local script.

Windows versions of PHP prior to PHP 4.3 do not support accessing
remote files via this function, even if allow_url_fopen is enabled.

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